I need mailing addresses on my list of

Meet ListBot

Free up your VA's time by automating your tax assessor data entry work.

ListBot Pro vs ListBot Classic

You can use either ListBot Pro or ListBot Classic to pull in data for your list of addresses. They both provide the same data, but with two different approaches.

Feature ListBot ListBot Pro Verdict
Data Property and owner data Same as ListBot, but with Streetview images and links to Zillow and Google Maps They're roughly the same
Speed About 1 address every 10 seconds 1 address every 2.7 seconds. Both are fast enough, but ListBot Pro is quicker
Price As low as 12 cents per address for free accounts, and 8 cents per address for subscribers. 3 cents per address, assuming you are already subscribed For 655 addresses per month or fewer, ListBot is a better deal if you are not subscribed. Otherwise, ListBot Pro is cheaper even with the subscription.
Ease of use & dependencies All you need is an REIZoom account and enough credits to cover the list The setup process requires a Google account and a Melissa account, and a few minutes to retrieve and set up the API keys ListBot is easier to get started with and does not require additional accounts
Filtering options Has some filtering options No filtering ListBot wins on this one
Cool factor Lame Radical ListBot Pro is super cool to watch as it works

Get the data you need

After running ListBot, you'll have a lot of fresh data for each property on your list. Filter it down to exactly what you want, and save a ton of money by not marketing to low-quality leads.

List in, list out. Effortlessly.

ListBot will process your list efficiently, no matter how big or small. Get your leads back ASAP and focus your marketing on the best leads.

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Cost effective

ListBot is faster, more effective, and more affordable than a VA. No list is too large and the results are super quick.

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Cost-optimization calculator

See the pros and cons of different scenarios with this simple calculator


Time estimate: A few minutes

With no minimums or subscription required and effortless results, REIZoom should be your go-to solution for scraping owner data.

Virtual Assistant
Cost estimate:
Time estimate:

A VA is a great resource for filling in logistic or time gaps for human-only tasks, like cold-calling, but for looking up owner data, REIZoom is faster and won't make mistakes

Do it yourself
Cost estimate: Free, I guess
Time estimate:

Let's be honest, you could do it yourself without explicit costs, but how much is your own time worth?

So which REIZoom plan is best for me?
Free - Using ListBot Classic

The free plan is ideal for those with fewer than 655 monthly leads, one-off lists every once in a while, or anyone who doesn't like subscriptions. Pricing is figured on a sliding scale, which is as low as 0.12 cents per lead.

Professional - Using ListBot Pro

Ideal for investors that are working at least 655 addresses a month. Your cost per credit is as low as possible, and you'll be able to market to as many leads as you can find.

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