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AddressFixer MKII

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Frequently Asked Questions

REIZoom is a variety of useful real estate investing tools. We were not satisfied with the usability and price of competing systems, so we made REIZoom. As we find ways to save time using technology in our own real estate business, we'll make the same tools that we use available to you through the REIZoom platform. Basically, we needed these tools and now we're sharing them with you. As we grow, so will this platform.
You can get started with REIZoom for free, without any subscriptions or billing. Use your free registration credits to try out ListBot classic, or use the other free tools like StackAttack with no limits or restrictions. If your business requires the advanced features that are part of the professional plan, you can subscribe and access all current and future tools for free.

REIZoom is not an all-in-one platform, so use the provided tools when you need to solve specific problems. Your data won't be needlessly locked-in to the system.
Some tools are totally free, some tools are only accessible with a subscription. ListBot Classic is available to free accounts, and it uses a credit system detailed here. Some tools like ListBot Pro and AddressFixer MKII connect to outside services that have their own pricing.
Tools like ListBot Classic and PropertyWizard communicate with an outside service that charges per search for property details. One credit equals one search for general property details within the respective tool. Because access to this data is not free and REIZoom passes on huge savings to you, the credit system is required to cover operating expenses and data costs.

In short, if you use ListBot Classic or PropertyWizard, you'll need to keep enough credits in your account to match your usage. The pricing for credits is available here.