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A simple list stacking utility, provided for free by REIZoom.
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You've probably heard the phrase 'List stacking' thrown around during real estate classes or in your REI communities. Essentially, 'stacking' a list means to find addresses that are common to multiple lists.

The idea is that if a subject property is on two lists at the same time, they're more likely to be motivated and therefore open to a cash offer that is significantly lower than market value.

Stacking your marketing lists has a lot of benefits!

Using StackAttack

StackAttack is fast and simple. In short, you upload a CSV file for each spreadsheet you want to stack with, tell the tool which column the address field is in for each file, determine which spreadsheet you want to 'keep' additional columns from, then download the stacked list.

Limitations & best practices

StackAttack is a brand new tool that has not been thoroughly tested. It may struggle with gigantic lists or freeze the browser. StackAttack is not capable of interpreting or standardizing addresses, so for the tool to work the addresses must exactly match their equivalents within each spreadsheet. This may require addresses to be pre-processed, and for this task I recommend using AddressFixer MKII.

You must use CSV files for this program to work. All major spreadsheet programs support exporting to CSV


If there are technical issues with this tool, contact Noah from the support page. REIZoom subscribers are welcome to ask for general advise or other logistic questions regarding these spreadsheets, and professional subscribers can send the lists to Noah for total-service stacking.