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Sometimes, you end up in a situation where you have a list of addresses but they can't be used without some wrangling. For example:

Yikes! These are very common challenges you may face, especially if you're working with ugly county lists.

AddressFixer MKII can solve all of these tasks and more, by taking advantage of something called 'Geocoding'. Geocoding is normally the conversion of an address into GPS coordinates, but modern Geocoders not only provide that conversion, but they also have some smart algorithms that make the best guess for what an address should be based on limited or partial address information.

By passing in address fragments, the Geocoder does the heavy lifting and we can pull back structured address details for filling in the data gaps. This tool does that!

Data appended

When AddressFixer MKII successfully finds an address, new fields will be added to your list including:

Data source and quality

Addresses are geocoded on the spot using, using your API key. is a leading geocoder service, and you can trust their quality.

Using AddressFixer MKII

AddressFixer MKII is fairly straightforward to use. Upload a CSV file with your leads, configure the columns so the system can understand how to read the addresses, then you can run the program. Once your list is processed, you can download it on the spot. It's pretty fast.

Limitations & best practices

It is very important to be mindful of your address precision. Be as localizing with the supplementary fields as possible, but don't localize too far if your addresses don't reflect that. Basically, if you have a list of leads from the whole state, don't supplement a specific city state zip because the hitrate will be lower, or even wrong. If all your addresses are in a specific zip code, but may be from a couple of cities, supplement the zip code but not the city.

If you aren't sure how to best configure your address fields, feel free to reach out to Noah for help. Remember that you have a generous free quota each day with Geocodio, so if you make a mistake it may not cost anything to run it again.

This system has not been used with a gigantic list. If something breaks, let me know!

Working with

This system requires an API key from to work. Review the usage video for how this works.

Finally, has a very generous daily free quota of 2500 (at the time of writing), and then very cheap additional searches ($0.50 for every 1000 after the quota). Most lists won't even hit the daily quota.

Subscriber benefits

Professional plan subscribers can use the full-service list work, where they can simply email me their list and I will deliver it promptly with the data appended. Both professional and entrepreneur plan subscribers are welcome to enhanced consultations, where we can work together to figure out the best way to approach any sort of list work or real estate technology logistics. Pay as you go members can ask for consultations depending on availability. All users recieve technical support.


If there are technical issues with this tool, contact Noah from the support page. REIZoom subscribers are welcome to ask for general advice or other logistic questions regarding these spreadsheets, and professional subscribers can send the lists to Noah for total-service.